Sunday, July 13, 2008

The final word

It's been revealed that the friends who put me up to this worked for a marketing agency. They dared me to see if I could survive 3 days camped on the street to be the first in the world to get the new 3G iPhone, using nothing but the Yellow website. Well I did and I had an awesome time along the way.

Most importantly for me though, I did get to keep a phone - and I absolutely love it. In fact I brought two - one for me and the other (the first one) you can win on the Yellow website.

Cheers - and thanks heaps for all your support from all around the world.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

thank you

Finally had some sleep but still buzzing from last night.

Thanks to everyone for being so amazing over the last few days, especially everyone else in the queue and to yellow for helping me find everything I needed to survive!

More pics from midnight

Check it out. This was massive. media everywhere. They opened the store JUST FOR ME! lol.

check out the pics.

I got it! The first iPhone

After waiting for 3 days I finally got my hands on it. They let me into the store at the stroke of midnight and it was awesome!

Check me out!


great atmosphere. djs playing - going off. we made it...


there is only 4 hours to go and everything down here is starting to snowball. There are numberous number of camera crews and radio stations doing live feeds. It is starting to get pretty crazy and ive heard there is only more to come. There are approximately 50-60 people in the queue at the moment, and it is still building

Everyone seems pretty excited about the release and its all that most people are talking about.

I have mixed emotions at the moment, half of me can't wait to get the phone, and the other half just wants to get some sleep. Although ive come this far, there is no pulling out now

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


the excitement down here is building. great to see loads more people in the queue. bring on midnight! updates when I can...


Getting shaved


10 hours to go

well the exercycle was excellent, as its the first time ive done some exercise in the 3 days. it was then followed by a razor shave done by a professional barber, and just got out of a shower. so right now i am feeling slightly healthy and clean

every man and his dog have been asking us why were are all here hence the reason for the sign above our heads.

There have been a hole heap of festivities organised by vodafone this evening so you should poop down and check it out

Here's a few videos from the last couple of days.

Here's some more pics from today. Was a little bored...thought I'll probably lag behind at rugby what with missing practise hence the exercycle!

this morning has been quite active this morning as my mates have been suggesting a whole lot of things for me to do. I have just hired my self and exercycle from, and then later today i am getting a razor shave from
I had a pretty good sleep last night getting a total of about 6 hours sleep.

Just about to jump on the bike and will let you know how it goes

Some snaps of the line on Weds nite

24 hours to go

30 hours have passed, and only 24 hours to go. I am on the downhill slope and so far, its been fairly smooth sailing, and am expecting tomorrow arvo to be chaotic.

This evening has been slow, and very similar evening to last night, with the same underagers or "first time drinkers" thinking that they are original and that we havn't heard their jokes before.

Vodafone kindly lent us a gas heater for the night in preparation for the cold night ahead. Hopefuly ill get some sleep to night

Blogging coverage

Cheers to everyone who has given me coverage on their sites, including:

Gossip Thug (my favourite)

To everyone flaming me - hey it may be crazy but it's a helluva lot of fun and is a world first. Plus it's the first time we've had the iphone officially in NZ anyway.


Bloggers keep asking me why i am on a pc and not a mac. It is because i can't afford one. Maybe some one at Apple help me out wink wink

A new member to the crew

A fourth person is going to be camping with us tonight. Luke has just flown in from the united states to be the first person in the world to dismantle the new iphone. He is from

Dinner - night 2

Dinner was from Renkon after an exhaustive search on Yellow to find the best Japanese in Auckland. It was superb. Cheers Renkon.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Live interview on George FM

Clarke Gayford from George FM called and did a live interview. You're the man Clarke.

Not much has changed

I am approaching the 24hr mark. Not too much has happened since my last entry, although i did get an amazing massage, which i definately needed after the rough sleep on the concrete last night.
Im starting to fell the full effects of having minimal sleep last night and am praying that tonight will be much better

early arvo up date

im just sitting on the side of street, haven't really moved much. Although my girlfriend decided to take the day off uni, and come sit with me and keep me company. We just had a delicious pizza delivered from pizza hut. Havn't got much more planned for the day, had the thought of getting a massage so am in the process of trying to hunt down a mobile therapist on yellow pages, although so far no luck.

A couple of the boys are coming to visit me this evening to have a meal and keep me company, and im trying to convince my girlfriend to tough it out with me this evening

36 hours to go!

(thank god)

Watch out for me on the Good Morning show

Big ups to all the radio stations that have come down to say hi - George, Mai, The Edge.
The Good Morning show came and interviewed me too. Gotta love breakfast TV!

50 hours to go

Just before I hunkered down the for the first night in the cold. 1st in the world better be worth it...

survived the night

I survived my first night on the streets of auckland city, although didnt get much sleep at all. I assumed that on a tuesday night there wouldn't be much action on queen st, and expected a good nights sleep. I couldn''t of been more wrong.
There was so many drunks walking around the street, trying to pull the tent down, and trying to wake us up, and then there was the noise of the cars racing up and also the street washers. I would of thought they could of been more considerate.
I got out of my tent at about 4.30am to be greated by frost and ice on my tent. I sat outside reading a book, trying to kill time and only got colder.

Im just gonna try sort out some food to be delivered to me

So far im enjoying surviving on the streets and will keep you posted

Survived the coldest night of the year!

Managed to get about 1 hours sleep last night - turned out it was the coldest night of the winter so far.

Made the front page of the Herald this morning! that's me on the right - at the front of the line;)

Joined by my first friend - Evert from . i think by the end of this we'll know every detail of each other family's history...

first in the world

10pm Tuesday night. first in the queue. all going to plan i'll be the first in the world to get the new iphone!! stay tuned for commentary from Queen st, Auckland, NZ for the next 2.5 days...

Monday, July 7, 2008

1st entry

Ive just set up camp on queen street, and am in here for the long haul, sitting outside Vodafone on queen street in anticipation for the release of the iPhone. Although while setting up i realised that i managed to forget a bed role, so it looks like the first sleep will on the cold dirty streets of Auckland city.

Quite a few people have stopped and talked to me, but they have all also laughed at me for this ridiculous bet. See Erika I can do it. I have even have one rude man snigger at me.

Will keep you all posted

Jonny Scott